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Article: Viscometric Study of Carboxymethyl Phenol-Formaldehyde resins


Title : Viscometric Study of Carboxymethyl Phenol-Formaldehyde resins
Author : Bhavin C.Patel
Issue : Volume 1 (2014)
Article ID : APC-2014-6
Abstract : Viscosity measurements of solutions of CarboxymethylPhenol- formaldehyde (CMPF) resins were carried out in DMF at 30o ± 0.3oC by using Ubbelohde viscometer. CMPF resins were prepared by reported method. The viscosity data of the solution of CMPF resins signified that the decrease in concentration of solution increases reduced viscosity (ɳred). This suggests the CMPF resins act as polyelectrolyte of anionic type. Thus the viscosity of the solution in DMF suppressed by adding water and KBr in DMF. Thus the viscosity measurements of solution of CMPF resins in DMF-Water-KBr (80:20:1%) gives the intrinsic viscosity. Also applying empirical equation ɳ_(sp/C)=Z=[ɳ]+K^([ɳ])/C^(1/2) is able to represent the viscometric data for all the resins. It may be stated that as the equation is quite empirical.
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