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Title : Physical and Morphological Properties of Poly(vinyl chloride) Films upon Irradiation in the Presence of Tetra Schiff Bases as Photostabilizers
Author : D. S. Ahmed, G. A. El-Hiti, H. Hashim, R. Noaman, A. S. Hameed, E. Yousif
Affiliation : King Saud University, P.O. Box 10219, Riyadh 11433, Saudi Arabia
Article ID : APC-2018-1
Pages : 1-6
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Title : The calorimetric detection and anti-oxidant activity of green synthesized silver nanoparticles
Author : Muhammad Inam, Anny Palwasha, Neelam Latif
Affiliation : Zhejiang University Hangzhou, China; University of Science & Technology Bannu, KP, Pakistan
Article ID : APC-2018-2
Pages : 7-12
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Title : Positional substitution effect of methoxy groups on excited state dipole moments of cinnamoyl α-pyrones derivatives
Author : Nadjib Benosmane, Baya Boutemeur, Safouane M. Hamdi, Maamar Hamdi
Affiliation : University of Boumerdes, Algeria
Article ID : APC-2018-3
Pages : 13-20
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